EGC’s team of technical experts interface with investors whom specialize in global mine investment. We help project owners by reviewing the mineral potential of their project and then present only those projects deemed prospective in current market conditions to investors in an investor friendly language, we also advise project owners on market competitive deal terms.

In the modern innovative era, mining skills have diversified to the point where miners don’t make good explorers and explorers don’t make good miners, each has its own separate knowledge base.  Mineral Exploration and Mine Development now requires in-depth knowledge of a wide range of disciplines including mineral economic indicators and funds raising, these skills are not all taught at University level nor form part of a post graduate degree, they are acquired by decades of mineral exploration and mine development experience with first hand knowledge gained by working on hundreds of deposits for a range of companies.

EGC consultants have discovered mines, worked in mines (underground and open pit) and have developed mines and we know an exceptional mineral resource (reserve) in a positive investment market is needed to fund and start a mine.  Fiscal and regulatory perceptions are also important indicators for investors.

If you have a capital stranded project and are seeking investors, contact us and we can promptly discuss with you the what, where and how to attract mine investors and the most suitable market deal terms.