GIS database design & management

EGC provides expert GIS database design and GIS project management support.  Based on EGC’s own experience of managing projects, GIS is a time consuming yet critical task and is optimised when managed by GIS experts rather than irregular or part-time GIS users.  EGC’s model is to work collaboratively with field teams to ensure GIS databases are practical and effective.

EGC offers the following GIS services:

  • Design and management of GIS data for a range of industries using ESRI ArcGIS software
  • Compilation and management of project specific GIS databases
  • Safe storage of data according to our clients requirements
  • Project specific tasks including map production and GIS data tracking
  • Field team collaboration with daily, weekly or monthly communications
  • Conversion of historical dataset/s such as old hardcopy maps to digital formats
  • Search, fossick and compile dataset/s per client requirement

2D & 3D Project Assessment

EGC uses software to view a range of surveyed geological datasets simultaneously including 2D & 3D geology, geophysics and geochemical data.  The software enables 3D spatial interpretations to better understand the key mineralisation criteria during the early exploration phase which can save time and money. EGC use Geosoft Target software for its 3D evaluation.

EGC works closely with field teams to help them build a pre-resource 3D conceptual model useful for drill targeting and mineralisation potential assessments (conceptual grade and tonnage range analysis).  This is an excellent method to establish project economics prior to completing costly drill programs and detailed studies.  Conceptual models is a good method to define a critical pathway to determining if the project has the potential to host an economic deposit and is a great visualization for investors to see the potential in a project.

Geological Cross-Section Drafting

A range of data types can be plotted against down hole traces including logged geology, geochemical, petrophysical (down-hole survey) and downhole imagery using Geosoft Target software.  Surface plans can be plotted at the top of the cross section to enhance hand drawn interpretations.