Hydrogeology is one of the most challenging earth sciences and water our most precious resource.  Understanding where water flows underground is critically important for infrastructure design and planning as well as contaminant modelling.

EGC consultants have been in the industry long enough to see how hydrogeology has evolved  to now becoming a critical focus for infrastructure and mining companies, community groups and the government.  If you’re either of these parties and need advice or assistance call us to discuss, we provide technical knowledge to all groups whom have an interest in  how infrastructure, mining or mine development can impact hydrogeology.

EGC provides specialist services in all types of hydrogeological field assessments, site visits, contaminant sampling, hydrogeological drilling, borehole monitoring for seasonal water depth changes.  This is all conducted incorporating the infrastructure design and extraction methods over time. Once a model is calculated and infrastructure construction commenced, we then continue to monitor and feed the collected information back into the model to build confidence over time.