Acid Mine Leachate is one of the largest negative environmental risks mining companies need to responsibly manage. Our knowledge in acid mine leachate has significantly increased in the past twenty to thirty years.

EGC is able to assist Exploration and Mine Development companies with establishing predictive mine leachate models over the life of mine by conducting mineralogical and geochemical assessments of the mine orebody rock samples and processed tailings.  Mineralogical assessments are used to establish the type and amount of leachate producing minerals contained naturally within the mined rock and also identify those minerals capable of buffering leachate.  A series of geochemical assessments are required to understand the behaviour of the fresh or oxidised rock once placed into temporary or permanent storage stockpiles, waste dumps and tailings ponds as well as post mining within the pit.  The best mining footprint legacy is a large water body suitable for aquatic or terrestrial farming.

Acid Mine Leachate studies can be conducted on proposed mines under development, existing mines as well as closed and rehabilitated mines.

EGC is also able to assist companies with ongoing operational mine leachate sampling protocols and can train mine staff how, when and where to take samples as well as how to evaluate geochemical results ongoing with mining.